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Hill Walking Equipment

Equipment during hillwalking


You must always be prepared wherever you go. This also applies most especially to hillwalking. Unpreparedness may lead to harmful effects that may later become fatal because hillwalking is not an easy activity with lots of possible things that might happen so here is the list of equipments that are needed for hill walking to avoid these tendencies:

1. Walking shoes and socks. Wear appropriate and comfortable walking shoes or boots so that you won’t get bothered by any disturbances or discomfort caused by your boots. Avoid cotton also because they retain moisture in the insole of your boots.

2. Map or any navigation objects. This is really essential for any outdoor activities including hillwalking because if anything happens like being lost, it will be a guide to go and follow the right path.

3. Waterproof outer clothes, inner layer clothing, trousers, hats and gloves. These items are needed for any weather. Waterproof clothes if it’s raining, hats as a cover against the sun and the gloves are used if you had wet hands and for proper gripping of any materials or objects also. Trousers that you are comfortable wearing and you can move easily.



4. Rucksack. This will be used for packing other equipments for your hill walking such as important things for survival- water, food, clothes and others.

5. First aid kit. It will be a great help if you brought emergency kit for any accidents that would happen especially that you are walking in any dangerous areas.

If you have completed preparing this equipment,then you are ready for an adventure but keep in mind to prioritise safety and responsibility.